Cargo Securing | Three Ocean Maritime

Cargo Securing and Lashing

Securing of bulk and break bulk cargo

Strapping of Grain Cargo

Three Ocean Maritime are experts in the securing (strapping) of bulk grain cargo in accordance with the International Grain Code and AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) requirements.


Three Ocean Maritime is experienced in securing cargo of all types, whether using wires, chains, steel stoppers, or a combination of all three. Whether the cargo is on a flat rack, on deck or in the lower hold, Three Ocean Maritime has the expertise to safely secure the most difficult of cargo.


Three Ocean Maritime can also assist with unlashing if required, including the removal and grinding flush of redundant lashing points and steel stoppers.


Although the securing of cargo with timber ‘chocks’ and ‘toms’ is seen much less today than in the past, Three Ocean Maritime still has the expertise and the staff to undertake such work when it is required.

Lashing Materials

Three Ocean Maritime are able to supply lashing materials directly to the vessel if required.


Three Ocean Maritime are able to supply all dunnage requirements. Although it is particularly difficult today to source large section timber dunnage, we deal directly with a number of timber mills and so can arrange the cutting and delivery of special dunnage requirements.